Next Gen Training and Education

Our approach to re-engineering 3d simulations

Visual Purple simulations make the learning process more engaging (and dare we say fun) for all ages. Innovative training technologies are delivered through a multi-device ecosystem to take learning in the digital age to an entirely new level.

Our Approach


Visual Purple strives to take complex and often abstract training, teaching, and learning objectives and create engaging game or cinematic based products that offer higher levels of engagement, retention, and effectiveness.

Denied Area

Multi-Player VR Security Force Training is offered through Denied Area Professional. This product allows Security Force Personnel to train anywhere: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interactive 3D scenarios unfold as trainees experience life-like situations and make decisions without real-world consequences.

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Applied Industries

Training in the Digital Age

Applicable to a wide variety of industries, Visual Purple’s custom simulations encompass rich 3D virtual environments that come to life to train and simulate high-risk environments where the wrong decision could mean the difference between life or death.

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Custom plant training simulations have been deployed at a variety of nuclear power plants across the United States.


Training those responsible for safeguarding the lives of men and women and protecting valuable assets.

About Visual Purple

Visual Purple, based in Jackson, Wyoming, was established in 1998 at the behest of the FBI. With firm roots in the computer gaming and movie industries, the Visual Purple team is dedicated to producing custom training simulations. The company enjoys excellent past performance ratings and awards through the creation of compelling and memorable trainee experiences – paramount in mission-critical fields such as security, operations, and safety.

Today, Visual Purple is recognized as an industry leader in bringing leading-edge technologies to the simulation training industry.

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