Visual Purple Certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

Visual Purple is pleased to announce Supplier Clearinghouse certification as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This certification entitles Visual Purple to conduct business as an official WBE in support of utilities per California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations.

Visual Purple pursued the WBE certification to increase both visibility and availability within diversity programs. More and more major contracts are adopting diversity mandates and policies as a key component of their vendor selection strategies. Many of Visual Purple’s clients utilize WBE’s as tier vendors to secure projects that have contractual diversity requirements. Visual Purple’s WBE status allows the firm to facilitate more effectively new business development initiatives as well as help its clients meet their diversity objectives.

“The Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) certification helps our clients and partners to meet diversity goals and qualify for new business opportunities,” commented company Owner and Chairperson, Lydia Heinbockel. Like its clients, Visual Purple will pursue projects that have set utilization guidelines for minority and women-owned enterprises.

WBE Certification