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Security Force Training Like No Other

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Force-On-Force Engagement FPS

Denied Area is designed to improve security training and increase safety. By investing in the best Security Sim available, you are making a direct investment in your organization’s protection. With Denied Area, individuals can be trained and ready for any situation.


Product Overview

Denied Area is a Security First Person Shooter (FPS) Training Sim specially designed and customized to meet specific needs. This Security Sim can be purchased as a base level package with several upgradeable options and modules. Artificial Intelligence driven non-player characters (aka “Bad Guys”) are threaded throughout the sim to provide a realistic player experience. Denied Area offers a multitude of deployment options including a Multiplayer Virtual Tabletop Simulation that can support a number of simultaneous users. Customizable attack patterns are available. Additionally, the Simulation Editor can be used to define the Opposing Force (OPFOR) spawn locations and attack points. Each simulation is fully customizable to provide realistic buildouts of the desired location to provide the most authentic training environment that replicates the real world.

Options Include

Multiplayer | Single Player | Multi-Role | Multi-Race | “Facilitator Mode” | Tactical Views | Stats Tracking | Custom Facilities, Realized in Full 3D

True to Life

To keep with the authenticity, we do not allow Security officers to see the location of other players on the field unless they are in the line of sight, instead of forcing them to rely on visual and audio cues consistent with real life. Included in this are accurately portrayed defensive positions, lines of sight, and fields of fire. The Sim exercises critical thinking and imprints desired force protection assignments while fighting boredom customarily encountered with traditional force protection exercises. Denied Area is easily delivered on a turnkey local area network consisting of high-performance laptops that can easily be removed from secure storage, quickly connected and provide compelling graphics, immersion and accurate force on force playability.

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Every Denied Area simulation is customizable with realistic buildouts, security uniforms and more to provide the most authentic training environment. More details are available for Expansion Packs and Modules. Click the below button to get more information.

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