Simulation Training Solutions

The Visual Purple team applies lessons learned from years of producing award-winning and successful titles in the computer gaming and movie industries, to create simulations that lead with the heart – employing realistic and engaging story wrapped in proven, and adult learning theory. Visual Purple takes great pride in delivering training simulation experiences to the trainee in a manner, not unlike today’s popular video games. Current projects include delivery on multiple platforms, including iPads, Android Tablets, and smartphones.

Critical Thinking Simulations

Proven training that teaches trainees how to take a complex problem apart and put it back together to derive new and deeper meaning.


The Q.U.I.N.N. Trilogy follows along on a successful simulation series designed and built for the 25th Air Force to train analysts.

Critical Thinking Sims

Train Differently

Virtual environments aren’t new, but virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is, and training programs encompassing VR and AR are quickly becoming a preferred training method. Whether considered as reality or futuristic, VR and AR have the unique ability to place a trainee within an immersive virtual environment to experience a myriad of realistic situations without the real-world risk. Robust training opportunities allow for a higher user/ trainee interaction and a higher retention rate when compared to traditional training methods.

Task-Based Training

Just like the name employs this type of simulated training allows for a hands-on, ‘learn by doing’ type of approach.

U.S. Nuclear Power Plant FLEX Training

Task-Based Sims

Train On-Demand

Training multi-tasker, millennials is no easy feat. These trainees tend to have less experience, seek high-tech immersive training methods, and desire 24-hour-a-day access to training solutions to fit their schedule. Complex topics can be difficult to digest; therefore a simplified approach to teaching through innovative technology has proven itself in Visual Purple training simulations. Through mobile learning, trainees can train on their schedule and be highly engaged learners. Portable learning allows for accessibility anytime, and anywhere.

Denied Area

Customizable Security First Person Shooter (FPS) training simulation designed to improve security training and increase safety.

Denied Area Professional

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Visual Purple Simulations Encompass:

  • Custom developed training environments
  • High-end graphics, technology, and design
  • Realistic and engaging storytelling with open-ended objectives and . multiple possible outcomes
  • Single player and multi-player training
  • Service and speed of product development and customer support
  • World class game engine

  • Character development
  • Cinematics – Hollywood level talent
  • Gamification elements
  • Subrosa themes
  • Simulations deployed in theaters of combat
  • Mission critical training where lives are at stake
  • Proven, proprietary technology

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