Our Commitment

Visual Purple’s mission is to provide our clients and partners with world-class, state-of-the-art instructional tools that increase trainee understanding of processes and procedures, reduce training time, and improve overall mission readiness and performance. We take great pride in the creation of each project: we build strong, sincere business relationships, striving to understand your training needs. Our commitment to your vision ensures effective solutions and provides you with a lifetime training partner well versed in your organization’s goals.

Company History

Visual Purple, based in San Luis Obispo, California was established in 1998 at the behest of the FBI. With firm roots in the computer gaming and movie industries, the Visual Purple team is dedicated to producing custom training simulations. The company enjoys excellent past performance ratings and awards through the creation of compelling and memorable trainee experiences – paramount in mission-critical fields such as security, operations and safety.

Today, we are a recognized industry leader in bringing leading-edge technologies to the simulation training industry.

Woman-Owned Small Business

Visual Purple is certified by The Supplier Clearinghouse as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This certification entitles Visual Purple to conduct business as an official WBE in the contracting arena for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Visual Purple pursued the WBE certification to increase both visibility and availability within diversity programs. More and more major contracts are adopting diversity mandates and policies as a key component of their vendor selection strategies. Many of Visual Purple's clients utilize WBE’s as tier vendors to secure projects that have contractual diversity requirements. Visual Purple's WBE status positions the firm to more effectively facilitate new business development initiatives as well as help its clients meet their diversity objectives.

“The Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) certification helps our clients and partners to meet diversity goals and qualify for new business opportunities,” commented company Owner and Chairperson, Lydia Heinbockel. Like its clients, Visual Purple will pursue projects that have set utilization guidelines for minority and women-owned enterprises.


Lydia Heinbockel Lydia R. Heinbockel

Chairperson & CEO

A California girl, Lydia has been “plugged-in” to Visual Purple since its inception, which is not hard to do since she is married to Ed Heinbockel, Visual Purple’s President/COO and Founder. Lydia enjoyed a successful career in entertainment in Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood, to include modeling, dance, movies and TV for close to a decade before preemptively shifting careers to one of her true passions: marketing and sales. It was not lost on Lydia that women in their 30’s and Hollywood don’t often mix. Lydia reinvented herself and in just a few short years rose to the level of national sales manager for $1B French-based Pierre Fabre Cosmetics. The entrepreneurial bug bit and Lydia left Pierre Fabre to build her own successful marketing and distribution company. Lydia has been an active Visual Purple board member for a number of years. To help the Company meet the demands of a growing high tech business, Lydia recently took on the role of CEO with a focus on shaping market positioning and sales strategies across sectors.


Edmond A. HeinbockelEd Heinbockel

President & COO
BS Engineering, MBA

“A true media revolutionary, Heinbockel is a moviemaker who wants to give you final cut.”-Newsweek

A “high bandwidth” entrepreneur, Mr. Heinbockel, founder and president of Visual Purple, has more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience in the management of high-tech companies, with a proven record of success in building leading-edge software products for both public and private companies. More recently, Mr. Heinbockel has enjoyed revisiting his engineering roots building FLEX simulations for nuclear power plants; simulations designed to test and train for the unthinkable - and make the unthinkable, impossible. Under his leadership Visual Purple clients include just about every U.S. government agency that ends in a vowel. Mr. Heinbockel was recognized by Newsweek Magazine’s Century Club as one of the top “100 people to watch…in the next millennium.” He was also recognized as one of Executive Excellence Magazine’s “Top 100 Thinkers of Our Time.”