Smart Sim Training

Applying lessons learned from years of producing award-winning and successful titles in the computer gaming and movie industries, Visual Purple’s Smart Sims™ lead with the heart – employing realistic and engaging story wrapped in proven, adult learning theory. Smart Sims™ is an initiative to deliver training simulation experiences to the trainee in a manner not unlike today’s popular video games. Current projects include delivery on multiple platforms, including iPads, Android Tablets and smart phones.

Tackling Training Challenges

The biggest challenge in training is ensuring that the trainee is being trained and not just ‘playing.’ This is why Visual Purple offers Smart Simulations™ that persistently monitor trainees and adjust the world or experience accordingly to keep them engaged in productive and demonstrable ways that meet the training or learning objectives. An often-overlooked critical aspect of simulation training is the best manner in which to train: individual or collectively.

Role Types


Single Player, Single Role

The trainee will always play one role; synchronous interaction with live players not supported or desired due to intelligent simulation world.


Single Player, Multi-Role

The trainee may select from available roles and play the simulation from the unique perspective afforded by that role; synchronous interaction with live players is not supported or desirable due to intelligent nature of simulation world.



Playable by several trainees at the same time with the ability to choose from a variety of different roles. Live interaction when less than all required roles are manned by humans may be supported through the use of intelligent Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

The Making of a Smart Sim™ Training

All Visual Purple Smart Sim™ Training is carefully crafted using Adult Learning Techniques and educational theory. Trainees follow realistic scenarios through environments of high-fidelity graphics while developing the knowledge base and critical thinking skills necessary to make decisions and take action. The trainees then meet the consequences of their choices, positive or negative. Meanwhile, a combination of proprietary technologies allows supervisors to monitor proficiency, test for aptitude, and model complex processes (often through an LMS). Visual Purple’s custom developed training environments provide intuitive, persistent environments in which any approved trainee can, at any time or location, access the simulation and find it evolving. Alternately, the training environment may be configured to save and restore to a specific state so that training may be on demand. Collaboration or the ability to interact with other trainees is supported but more attractive to many clients are single player training environments enabled in a private, secure world replete with behaviorally intelligent NPCs.

The Industry Leader in Compliance Education and Training

Benefits of Smart Sim™ Training

  • Highly Immersive 3D Environments
  • Reduced cost
  • Rapid Development Time
  • High Level of Replayability
  • Story-Driven
  • Gamification Elements
  • Increased Trainee/ Learner Retention
  • Action Sequences
  • Superior Interactivity
  • Performance Data Capture

Incorporating Elements of Gamification

Gamification can act as a training aid through incorporating an additional layer of interactivity within a simulation.

  • Provide a sense of achievement
  • Increase learning motivation
  • Application of game dynamics

Gamification can be infused within Smart Sims™ mechanics and elements to create a meaningful training experience.

Think about it… Games make learning not seem as much like ‘learning’, rather we are engaged. Gamification has been a growing trend over the past few years and when done right can make a simulation experience excel to new heights.

Smart Sims™ in the Nuclear Industry

The Visual Purple Solution empowers plants with the tools necessary to rapidly identify information that is critical to trend analysis, analyze it more efficiently, and build more targeted and effective training to improve performance, all while reducing cost.

Nuclear plants are in constant pursuit of operational excellence. It is the key driver of plant safety, INPO/NRC standing, and profitability in a challenging market environment. One of the key aspects of operational excellence is continuous improvement. Plants must identify and correct inefficiencies. This is done, in part, through a process that draws causal links between human performance & plant data, operating experience, lessons learned, best practices, and required training; it ultimately leads to performance improving actions in line with business objectives. The better the plant understands performance trends, the more effective it is at determining corrective actions that will drive the most valuable improvements.

rsz_vp_graphic_smallImprove Compliance Adherence Through Quick Evaluation of Cause and Effect

Smart Sims™ enable nuclear power plants to:

  • Cost-effectively train geographically dispersed employee groups with latest generation game engine graphics and rich scenario-based engagement
  • Teach proper process/procedure prior to deployment when mockups or other more hands-on training methods are impractical
  • Demonstrate training excellence within plant ACAD programs
  • Train procedures that are too dangerous or costly to practice, yet do so in an immersive manner
  • Verify that procedures and processes are practical by way of Visual Purple’s proprietary simulation development platform

Divas- Decision Integration, Visualization, and Support

DIVAS™ is a high-level modeling and simulation software package offering the potential to revolutionize decision support. By building problem constructs around key behaviors such as those within organic self-adaptive systems, DIVAS™ permits the problem solver to simulate problems that are very unbounded and unpredictable. In other words, the simulation can grow and shift to discover new parameters, relationships, and structures.

DIVAS™ is open-ended by design and can help to identify needs before they become problems. Applications include the management of multiple independent operators, “human-in-the-loop” processes, developing execution path options and down-stream consequences, self-adaptive systems, and behavioral studies.