Unparalleled 3D Simulation Training

Training for the 21st Century and beyond, Visual Purple takes training to new levels through multi-device ecosystem deployment options including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


Immersive experiences drive trainee engagement levels through real-world simulation design. Everything from sights to sounds are replicated to provide a training environment that is so real, it hurts. Vast worlds come to life right before the player’s eyes, with rich and engaging storylines, and unforgettable characters.

AAA Game Design

While AAA games typically mean a massive budget to produce, Visual Purple offers affordable solutions that are customizable to virtually any industry. Visual Purple simulations incorporate a technically sophisticated gaming engine and combine it with proprietary technologies to power the most high-end 3D simulations in the marketplace today.

We’re passionate about game design and pride ourselves in producing best-in-class training solutions.

Denied Area

Security First Person Shooter (FPS) Training Sim designed to allow personnel to train in Force-on-Force through critical thinking and Force Protection protocol.

Portfolio of Work

Visual Purple simulations replicate ‘real world’ experiences and encompass creative simulation design, resulting in a cost-effective custom training and education solution.

Wolf Creek

A nuclear power plant simulation centered around a natural disaster that affects the operation of the plant allowing for trainees to practice decision-making skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Hollywood Talent

Realistic game-based environments come to life through teaming with Academy Award Winning Hollywood Screenwriters to set training apart from anything you have ever experienced. Training the best and the brightest is no easy task, that’s why Visual Purple prides itself in creating story-driven 3D immersive simulations that offer a realistic game-based environment with a high level of replayability.

Role Types

The biggest challenge in training is ensuring that the trainee is being trained and not just ‘playing.’ Visual Purple simulations persistently monitor trainings, while adjusting the world/experience accordingly to keep the player(s) engaged. An often-overlooked critical aspect of simulation training is the best manner in which to train: individual or collectively.

Single Player, Single Role

The trainee will always play one role; synchronous interaction with live players not supported nor desired due to intelligent simulation world.

Single Player, Multi-Role

The trainee may select from available roles and play the simulation from the unique perspective afforded by that role; synchronous interaction with live players is not supported or nor desired due to intelligent nature of simulation world.


Playable by several trainees at the same time with the ability to choose from a variety of different roles. Live interaction when less than all required roles are manned by humans may be supported through the use of intelligent Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

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