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Nuclear Solutions

The Visual Purple Solution empowers plants with the tools necessary to rapidly identify information that is critical to trend analysis, analyze it more efficiently, and build more targeted and effective training to improve performance, all while reducing cost.

Plant Safety

Nuclear plants are in constant pursuit of operational excellence. It is the critical driver of plant safety, INPO/NRC standing, and profitability in a challenging market environment. One of the key aspects of operational excellence is continuous improvement. Plants must identify and correct inefficiencies. This is done, in part, through a process that draws causal links between human performance and plant data, operating experience, lessons learned, best practices, and required training; it ultimately leads to performance improving actions in line with business objectives. The better the plant understands performance trends, the more effective it is at determining corrective actions that will drive the most valuable improvements.

Training Features

  • Cost-effectively train geographically dispersed employee groups with latest generation game engine graphics and rich scenario-based engagement
  • Teach proper process/procedure prior to deployment when mockups or other more hands-on training methods are impractical

  • Demonstrate training excellence within plant ACAD programs
  • Train procedures that are too dangerous or costly to practice, yet do so in an immersive manner
  • Verify that procedures and processes are practical by way of Visual Purpleā€™s proprietary simulation development platform


FLEX Strategy: Electrical Support Function

Response simulation to a Beyond-Basis External Event.

Interactive FLEX Training: OASIS

As we TRAIN, we shall PERFORM. Proficiency in implementing FLEX.

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