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Think Like the Enemy

Learn to think like the enemy as Visual Purple simulations help analysts employ critical thinking skills and also provides a safe environment to learn and test skills.

Virtual Reality (VR) presents a new tool for training future warfighters. With the popularity of VR and the development of immersive 3D, cutting edge critical thinking training is a new way to immerse a military trainee and enable them to ‘think like the enemy.’ Critical thinking points are taught through cognitive biases, human factor profiling, reasoning styles, decision-making styles, and teaches good cooperative skills between various groups and units in order to improve operational effectiveness. Training shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Customized training experiences with individualized feedback teaches the trainee to take a complex problem apart and put it back together to derive new and deeper meaning.

Training Components

  • Simulations deployed in theaters of combat to present difficult-to-learn and highly technical concepts through interactive applications allow for the analysis and reprogramming of different paths of bias
  • Mission critical training where lives are at stake (Key differentiator from typical LMS)

  • Virtual reality (VR) gaming has also been integrated as a training tool allowing for trainees to be fully immersed in a lifelike environment such as a battlefield or on an aircraft
  • Through the implementation of cutting-edge training, defense industry clients have been able to realize higher test scores and trainees are thoroughly enjoying the training

Defense Trailers

OCTANE: Online Critical Thinking and Analysis Environment

Developed in conjunction with the Twenty-Fifth Air Force to deliver on-demand simulation training anytime and anywhere to train Analysts.  

QUINN Episode One: Flight of the Angel

Air Force Analyst Training to think beyond biases.

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