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Visual Purple develops custom gamified training simulations and solutions for a host of industries. Centered around high-end game-based training and cinematics, Visual Purple can adapt its proprietary technologies to create gamified training for any industry.

Our team specializes in taking complex and often abstract training, teaching, and learning objectives and turning them into an engaging game or cinematic based products that offer higher levels of engagement, retention, and effectiveness; particularly amongst the younger demographics such as Millennials and Gen Z. Demographics that typically do not respond as well to traditional training methods.

Training shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, that’s why customized training experiences with individualized feedback teaches the trainee to take a complex problem apart and put it back together to derive new and deeper meaning.


Nuclear power plant training simulations allow for reliable and efficient real-world training without any risks involved. Varying from plant operations to security force training, Visual Purple has deep roots in training nuclear power plant personnel, ultimately enabling higher retention rates and realized cost savings.

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With many trainees today being high-tech multi-taskers, it’s only natural that Visual Purple delivers innovative, mobile training methods that employ technology to simplify complex topics. Ultimately allowing for the opportunity to revolutionize how we educate, train, and develop our military forces.

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